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Teacher Leon


Let's make your piano lessons relevant
in my studio or at home via Zoom.

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Meet Teacher Leon

Hi there! I enjoy creating personalized lessons that combine fun, humor, and challenge at the piano. Blending a variety of approaches through the classical, jazz, pop, and contemporary styles, we'll make music relevant.

Leon Rosen Piano Lessons
Leon Rosen Piano Lessons

Artist & Teacher

Most of my students are children. I have adult students too, beginners as well as self-taught adults, or those who studied as kids.

I have a background teaching students with ADHD and with Neurodiverse Learners.

My teaching style is based on personality, connection, humor, and energy. I push hard, but I value flexibility.

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Try it out with a first free piano lesson

I like to begin with an informal meet and greet. Families and I sit together at my studio and talk piano, ask questions, get to know each other a bit, and do a trial piano lesson together.

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"He knows how to inspire kids."

Gaelyn C.

San Mateo, CA

"He teaches not only piano but the creative process."

Robert P.

San Mateo, CA


Learning Challenges
Candy Cotton

Piano for Neurodiverse Learners


I am devoted to creating unique paths for Neurodiverse Learners
to develop formidable technique (and joy) at the piano. There are also simply different ways all students learn. Some are verbal, others are tactile, and others learn by asking questions.

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Choose the Journey That Fits Best

As of June 2021, I am back to teaching in-person lessons. I still offer online lessons via Zoom too.

I offer: Half Hour Lessons, Hour Lessons, or even a

Daily 10-Minute Lessons on Weekdays.

Best Choice

Half Hour Lessons

$90 per Lesson billed monthly


45m Lessons

$120 per Lesson billed monthly

(Hour lessons are $160)


Daily Mini-Lessons

"My teaching style is based on personality, connection, humor, and energy. I push hard, but I value flexibility."

Leon Rosen

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