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White Earth

The Onboarding Process


How it works?

Making music more personal.

I like to keep things personal. Everyone processes information differently and everyone learns music a little differently.


Even siblings' lesson plans are often very different from one another.  The first thing I like to do is chat briefly on the phone to get a sense of things. Then we set up a little meet and greet/trial lesson. We sit with the families (or students if it is an adult), we talk about music and what piano study looks like, and answer any questions. Then we do some actual piano learning. Afterward, if there's a good rapport, we find a good regular time for lessons.

In the first few weeks of lessons, I'm getting a better sense of your learning process and fine-tuning our overall game plan. It is OK to pay weekly for this period. It is also OK to dive right in! At that point, I invoice lessons monthly around the first, for the month ahead.

With kids' busy schedules, reschedules are to be expected and I'm pretty good about making sure we still have our time. If somehow we can't make all the lessons in the month, the invoice still stands and lessons do not roll over to the next month.

Some parents prefer to pay by four-month semesters. In case you choose to invest in Semester Lessons, you receive 10% off.


Leon Rosen Piano Lessons

Leon Rosen's eclectic past, unique journey, and quest for meaning has shaped his distinct approach to teaching.

Let's make music relevant.

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