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White Earth

The Onboarding Process


How it works?

Making music more personal.

I like to keep our lesson plan individually planned. With beginners I start with classical piano and bridge in other styles methods as needed. Piano is not easy. There is no peer pressure, no social aspect, so its all about the inspiration and the follow up at home. Parental involvement is essential. Don't worry - you don't need to know music theory. Children just need a guiding hand to remind them to cover everything on their daily practice sheet. In terms of what makes it into our lesson plan: everyone processes information differently and everyone learns music a little differently.

At least, thats the type of folks that seek me out the most. I have a rare talent in building the skills of kids who are at times a little off the wall. But please know - we strive for greatness. Its not light music time, its a very fun adventure and we take it together. I'm strict but inclusive. We battle the dragon of our own habits and develop a skill set which helps immensely in other areas of life, in our practice independence and in finding joy in small moments.


To start with, we'll meet up at my studio. I don't charge for the trial lesson. I sit with the family & we talk about music! We chat on what piano study will look like. I'll field any questions you may have. We do some piano learning together. Afterward, if there's a good rapport, we find a good time for lessons.

In the first few weeks of lessons, I'm getting a better sense of your learning process and fine-tuning our overall game plan. 

In 2024 until summer, I teach weekly lessons on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays. I handle reschedules on Wednesdays, Thursdays and at times on Fridays.


I have scaled back my teaching for the first semester of 2024 as I have been doing some touring with my band and finishing up work on new music. I still have some times open for getting together with new students. In the fall I'll be back to full time.


Leon Rosen Piano Lessons

Leon Rosen's eclectic past, unique journey, and quest for meaning has shaped his distinct approach to teaching.

Let's make music relevant.

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