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Rates & Policies


Teacher Leon’s Piano Policies for 2023



Here are updates to my piano lesson rates and policies in 2023.
Please review this update from start to finish. There is a lot of material here!

Half-hour lesson: $90

45 Minute lesson: $120

Hour lesson (for a single student): $160



I invoice lessons near the beginning of each month for all weeks of the coming month. It can be paid on Venmo, Zelle, google, checks, or cash.

Please note that using Paypal is not an option.

Some students prefer to pay by 4-mo semester at a 10% discount.

The invoice is a payment for your time slot. If you can not make your regular the lesson is not credited back to you, but we can schedule a makeup.

If I cancel a lesson, that lesson time is credited back to you or directly refunded.

Students whose lessons are paid by the Federal Self-Determination Program are invoiced at month's end. SDP funds educational opportunities for children with developmental disabilities.
For more info:




A makeup lesson does not need to be in the same week, though it can't replace that week's regular lesson.

I will honor your reschedule even if you cancel at the last minute or post-defacto
Still, make-ups are not always possible, so even if we can not reschedule somehow, the invoice stands as is.

If I cancel a lesson, that lesson time is credited back to you or directly refunded.




Our recitals are held regularly at local venues, and mini-recitals/rehearsals at my studio feature eight students at a time on a Saturday afternoon. It is MUCH fun. A great opportunity to make progress, learn, perform, experiment…


Upcoming dates:

  • June 3, 2023 recital rehearsal at my studio

  • June 8, 2023, at 6:30 pm – Main recital – CSM Theater



The following represents the minimum frequency of lessons per month to stay on the roster:

  • January three weeks (first week off)

  • February, March, April, and May: All weeks.

  • June three weeks (last week off)

  • July (any two weeks)

  • August (any two weeks)

  • September, October November: All weeks except Thanksgiving

  • December two weeks (last two weeks off)


January: three lesson minimum.
Feb, Mar, April, May: all weeks invoiced
June: three lesson minimum
July: two lesson minimum
Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov: all lessons invoiced
December: two lesson minimum.


Semester payments are still ok in the summer months, but full-time students continuing weekly lessons over the summer also receive a 10% discount. To receive a 10% discount during the summer months, full-time^ attendance must be:


  • May all weeks

  • June three weeks (last week off)

  • July two week minimum

  • August all weeks


Practice is required for this to work. My job is to keep it lively and inspiring.


I have a syllabus of what I consider to be the essence of intermediate piano, which most students are, hoping to learn.


However, I tend to go down the rabbit hole with students, because often motivation is the hardest aspect of learning an instrument.


Because there is no peer pressure in private piano lessons, we are sort of on our own. Because of this, I work with students to choose pieces they love.


However, please be aware that the educational quality of these pieces is going to be inconsistent. If we want comprehensive piano training and to get the skills quickly and thoroughly, you might consider allowing me to guide the ship a little bit more.


However, I am always happy to dive in and make it personal.

Each student learns in their own way.


Leon Rosen


Leon Rosen's eclectic past, unique journey, and quest for meaning has shaped his distinct approach to teaching.

Let's make music relevant.

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