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Teacher Leon’s Piano Policies for 2021

Making rules more simple.

I send out monthly invoices around the first of the month, billing for the month ahead. I like to use Venmo or Zelle, but all of the online payment models work except Paypal.


Students agree to attend their lesson time and to practice. If you can’t make it, the invoice still stands, but I am always happy to reschedule. As a flaky teenage piano student, I would often bail on my lessons last minute, driving my teachers bananas. So I pay it forward (er... backward?), by extending the same courtesy. Life happens, and there's no shame in the game. The invoice still stands for that lesson, and we should make it up. I am always happy to find a way to make up the time. I also enjoy making up missed lessons in creative ways.


Mostly, missed lessons do not roll over to the next month. But if it is easy enough we can roll it over to a different day.


30-minute lessons are my go-to. Once we consistently begin to feel it is no longer enough time, we can move to hour lessons.


Thirty-minute lessons are $80 per week.

Invoices for 30minute lessons in four-week months are $320, five-week months are$400.


Sixty-minute lessons are 140 per week.

Invoices for 60-minute lessons in four-week months are $560, five-week months $700.


Students attending daily ten-minute lessons pay $520 per month, provided we can arrange the scheduling.


Some families prefer to pay by semester, four months ahead for a 10% discount at these intervals:


September through December

January through April

May through August


I encourage students to participate in ABRSM graded piano exams, recitals, and piano competitions. However, each student's path is their own, and love of the art of music is foremost. I encourage parental involvement.

I also enjoy creating professional videos for students as we complete each piece.


I teach on most national holidays. Actually, I tend to be busiest then. I have been considering taking more of those off but as it stands I’m usually here. I do take off Dr.King day, and Jewish Holidays. And mostly assume everyone is out for the Christmas holiday. Summers most folks are away for blocks of time. I am still working on how to best manage that.


Often, students will go away, but then to keep the lights on, I will bring in new students, and then in the fall, there is a question of scheduling. I prefer her not to handle things like this in the policy. Easiest to just have conversations one on one and make sure everything is working out.


Leon Rosen's eclectic past, unique journey, and quest for meaning has shaped his distinct approach to teaching.

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