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Rates & Policies


Teacher Leon’s Piano Policies for 2023



Here are updates to my piano lesson rates and policies in 2024.erial here!

Half-hour lesson: $90

45 Minute lesson: $120

Hour lesson (for a single student): $160



I invoice lessons at the start of each month for all upcoming lesson dates in the month. Most people seem to like Venmo but I'm flexible. 


If you can't make a lesson a given week I will be mean and invoice you all dates in the month anyway. But we will keep track and make sure to reschedule. 

If I miss a lesson, we can reschedule, refund or roll it to the next month. Up to you!


I used to have a more flexible policy but it quickly became a little chaotic. 

Students whose lessons are paid by the Federal Self-Determination Program are invoiced at month's end. SDP funds educational opportunities for children with developmental disabilities.
For more info:




I have Wednesdays and Thursdays set aside just for reschedules. There are other individual times that come up to reschedule on Sundays and some Fridays.

If I cancel a lesson, that lesson time is credited back to you or directly refunded.

I tour with my ensemble several times per year. I set up the tours so I only miss a week of lessons. I will attempt to reschedule this week with you, either before or after the tour.


My lesson policies related to invoicing are a little draconian, indeed. I give my all and more to my students, beyond what I wrote up here. Once the basic terms are set, I always go above and beyond. At a certain point I started to listen to some of my colleagues and develop policies to protect the trajectory of my teaching a bit more. 




I encourage everyone to participate in our recitals. We aim for three per year.

    • March 2024 - Spring Recital at CSM Theater TBA

    • June 2024 - Summer Recital at Woman's Club of Burlingame TBA

    • December 2024 - Winter Recital at Library of San Mateo 



  • January through June: students are expected to at all lessons or reschedule.

  • July is summer vacation/no expectation. Just let me know

  • September until Thanksgiving students are expected to at all lessons or reschedule.

  • December is winter vacation/no expectation. Just let me know.


Semester Students are families who prefer to pay by four month semester.

This comes at a 10% discount and some other perks, extra lessons etc.

However students are expected to attend or reschedule all lessons in a semester. 


  • January through April

  • May through August

  • September through December.


Practice is required for this to work. My job is to keep it lively and inspiring.

Leon Rosen


Leon Rosen's eclectic past, unique journey, and quest for meaning has shaped his distinct approach to teaching.

Let's make music relevant.

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